A Native Hawaiian non-profit organization perpetuating Hawaiian knowledge, traditional Practices & art forms through
cultural education programs offered through Halau Palaihiwa O Kaipuwai and the Kaua`i Heritage Center
Ka`ie`ie Foundation
Keepers of Ancestral Inspired Education - an Institution of cultural Excellence
A Native Hawaiian Non-Profit Organization
``Eli`eli kūlana o `Āina`ike
The words to this `ōlelo no`eau or ancient Hawaiian proverb translates to say: Profound is the nature of
`Āina`ike.  It references a person who is respected for his or her knowledge.  There is a play on the
words, `eli`eli (profound  and deep) and `Āina`ike (land of knowledge).

`Āina`ike is a wahi pana – a traditional and storied place that was widely known of in ancient times.  
Located in the moku of Kona, it is more commonly referred to and known as the Waimea district that is
located on the west end of Kaua`i Island.

It is the basis of this `ōlelo no`eau that motivates our vision to perpetuate the essence of Hawaiian
knowledge and cultural practices. The Ka`ie`ie Foundation fulfills its mission through the work of Hālau
Palaihiwa O Kaipuwai and the Kaua`i Heritage Center...by teaching, sharing and promoting the
traditional values and wisdom of our Hawaiian ancestors.

Join us in our quest to continue to bring special cultural education opportunities and experiences to
Kaua`i’s community!  Take a stroll through our web site to learn more...
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K  A  I  E  I  E
Keepers of Ancestral Inspired Education an Institution for cultural Excellence
A Native Hawaiian non-profit organization
Pi`i aku a kau i ka nu`u i ke `ala kukui o Kuamo`oloaakane
A hiki i Ka`awako, ka piko o Wai`ale`ale!

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`AHA HULA 2012
4th Annual Benefit Lu`au & Hula Kahiko Concert
The Ka`ie`ie Foundation invites you to support
the perpetuation of Kaua`i's oldest standing
traditions of `aiha`a and hula as we gather for
the first time in our hometown of Kilauea!

Saturday, September 1st
Common Ground Kaua`i
in Kilauea on the north shore

Celebrate the legacy of Hālau Palaihiwa
O Kaipuwai, under the direction of Kumu
Hula, Kēhaulani Kekua at its 4th annual
amazing cultural experience and rare
performance offering of 30 traditional
Hawaiian chants and classical dances of
Hawai`i.  This year, the hālau expands
upon its curriculum theme,
"Nō Puna
Waialoha: Nurturing Love for the Springs of
Life and Sources of Knowledge."  

Set against a magnificent backdrop of
Kīlauea and Hanalei's stunning
Namahana, Hīhīmanu and Nāmolokama
mountain peaks, `Aha Hula will be held in
the natural outdoor performance arena
at Common Ground Kaua`i in Kīlauea.

Tickets are now on sale island wide:
Magic Dragon - Princeville Center
Kaua`i Mini Golf - Kilauea
Common Ground - Kilauea
Kaua`i Music & Sound - Kapa`a
Island Soap & Candle - Koloa

Tickets are also available through any
member of Halau Palaihiwa O Kaipuwai

tel:  808-346-7574
Pre-Sale of on-line tickets is now closed.
General Admission may be purchased at the gate.  Lu`au is NOT
included, but may be purchased separately based on availability.